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About Us

About Us

Kempston Concert Band is made up of 2 ensembles, a senior band and an all comers band - for the beginner, returner, uncertain and shy of all ages.


Kempston Concert Band is an organisation made up of two ensembles, an all comers band and a senior band. We welcome woodwind, brass and percussion instrumentalists from all over Bedfordshire and beyond.
Our All Comers Band is for the beginner, the returner, the uncertain and shy of all ages. We include musicians of all ages & abilities and has a focus on building a strong musical foundation through an introduction to ensemble playing.
The Senior Band has a focus on more experienced instrumentalists of all ages and aims to develop and enhance the skills and abilities of its members through more challenging ensemble playing. All members of the Senior Band are welcome to also play in the Junior Band and many choose to do so.
Rehearsals for both bands take place on Monday evenings during school term time in the hall at Kempston West Methodist Church. The All Comers Band rehearses from 6:45pm to 7:45pm while the Senior Band rehearses from 7:45pm to 9:15pm.


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